Site Leasing


Site leasing for your retail expansion

As you are looking to lease properties as you expand your multi-location retail business, Blocknet is the company who can help you make the right deals.

With extensive experience negotiating retail leases across Canada, the Blocknet team is able to provide you with the trustworthy service you are seeking. Highly regarded in the field, Blocknet will negotiate the fair deals you deserve. 

Is this the right deal for you?  Blocknet can evaluate your prospective site leasing or purchase deals and give you the feedback you need to decide if this is the right option. 

Too much rent?  Not big enough?  Site leasing terms not acceptable?  Blocknet has the up-to-date knowledge of the Canadian retail real estate market you need to meet your development goals efficiently. 

Don’t wait – call the experts. Contact Blocknet, your development team in a box.
Canadian retail real estate is a competitive market and you need an expert that has the knowledge and the relationships to help you make informed decisions and the right deals – Blocknet is the right choice.