Our Team


Experienced franchise consulting and development services

Blocknet was founded in 2011 by John Amos and Lisa Carvalho.  John and Lisa are industry veterans who made up the nucleus of the development team at Blockbuster Canada from 1995 to 2011.  During their more than fifteen years working together at Blockbuster, they oversaw the growth of that company from 150 locations to over 450 locations, stretching from coast to coast across Canada.

John Amos

John was part of Blockbuster Canada’s executive team for more than ten years and managed the real estate, lease administration, store planning, construction and facilities departments.  He also chaired Blockbuster’s capital committee and looked after new business development for Blockbuster.  He is a licensed real estate broker at Goudy Real Estate Corp., Real Estate Brokerage.  John is a civil engineer.  His early years included stints on the construction side with Black & McDonald, Cineplex, Bird Construction, and Verdiroc Construction.

Lisa Carvalho

Lisa led the store planning, and construction and facilities departments for Blockbuster.  Year after year she was able to reduce Blockbuster’s typical store construction costs while constantly improving the store environment for the consumer. She got her start in retail in the quick service food industry working for McDonalds. Lisa is a graduate of Niagara College with a Diploma in Interior Design.  She is also a licensed real estate broker at Goudy Real Estate Corp., Real Estate Brokerage.





Together they lead a team of project coordinators and administrative staff, and draw on their many contacts in the retail industry across the country including landlords, real estate brokers, architects, lawyers, franchise consultants, accountants, and contractors to provide their clients with a full-service development team.