Our Process


A proven action plan for retail development and expansion


When you work with Blocknet, the first step in your retail development plan is a strategy for where stores should be located, which means clearly establishing what type of customer you’re targeting, where they are, and where the locations should be placed to best reach those customers. We will also work with you to identify and map the locations of your key competitors.

Site selection and store planning


Then, we leverage our networks of brokers for specific site selection, and we’ll present them to you with the information you need on demographics and costs. Once you decide on the right location, Blocknet will arrange the site leasing or purchase as required.

Our team will also organize the store planning, from measuring to coordinating design. Blocknet can take a space and lay out a standard site plan to show how it could work, even before a design firm gets involved.

Construction management, permits, and facilities management


Based on these recommendations, you can have drawings created, and Blocknet will check them and submit them for permits, and we’ll issue bid requests to contractors. We can recommend good contractors if you are new to this aspect of retail development, or if you don’t already have someone you already know and trust. We will make recommendations on potential contractors to hire, while you maintain control over the hiring and agreements with the selected contractor.

From there, Blocknet will not only handle project and construction management, but we can also provide ongoing franchisee support and facilities management to help ensure success after your grand opening.