Site Identification


Site selection that considers your key requirements

With your Strategic Plan firmly in hand, the next step is to execute it, starting with selecting the right site for your new location(s).

Having identified the nodes where you want your stores to be, we will work with you to prioritize that list. We will then hit the streets, calling upon our extensive network of landlord contacts, developers, and brokers to locate the opportunities that match your plan. In real estate, one always has to be prepared to jump on opportunities as they materialize and your prioritized location plan allows you to do just this.

For each potential location, we will carefully evaluate amongst many criteria the following:

  • Size and frontage of the space
  • Gross rent
  • Term
  • Site activity generators
  • Ease of access and egress
  • Visibility and signage opportunities
  • Size of the parking field (if any)
  • Size of the electrical service and the heating and cooling units
  • Barriers and obstacles to the successful construction of your store
  • Use restrictions and opportunities for exclusivity

In short, everything you should be considering in site selection for your new store.