Strategic Planning

Successful retail expansion begins with strategic planning

The starting point for any retail expansion should be the creation of a strategic plan.  Blocknet will work with you to help define the trade zone characteristics that best suit your business. Using our experience and our demographic reports, we will help you to prioritize the municipalities, shopping nodes and intersections that will provide your business with the best opportunity to grow successfully. 

Criteria for planning your retail expansion

We will discuss a number of strategic elements for your retail expansion, such as:

  • Range – the maximum distance that a typical consumer will travel in order to acquire your goods or services
  • Clustering – the ideal tenant mix of a location or shopping centre, which influences a consumer’s decision to travel to that location
  • Threshold characteristics of your required trade zone – the immediate population necessary to support your specific business

Together we will layer on the locations of your key competitors and devise a strategic plan. This will be reviewed with you on an annual basis or more frequently if required, to ensure your retail expansion is adaptable with your business and the market for maximum success.